Sinus Problems

Sinus disease can take many forms and range from minor nuisance to incapacitating.  It can initially be confused with a bad cold.  People who have allergies, asthma, or structural blockages of the nose or sinuses are at greater risk.  Allergic Rhinitis (see Allergies), which involves inflammation of the nasal passages, can often be the start of chronic or recurring sinus problems.

The sinuses are air filled cavities continually “washed” by mucus.  Sinus disease stops the normal flow of mucus from the sinuses due to swelling of the nasal lining, trapping mucus.

The symptoms of sinus disease can include:

  • Headache                                
  • Nasal congestion             
  • Facial pain                               
  • Fatigue                  
  • Post nasal drip                         
  • Cough              
  • Runny nose                              
  • Bad breath


Diagnosis depends on symptoms and requires a thorough history and examination of the throat, nose and sinuses.  Sinus x-ray or CT scan may be required, especially if sinus disease lasts longer than 8 weeks or does not respond to standard antibiotics.

If you think you have sinus disease, see Allergy and Asthma Associates of North Jersey PA for proper diagnosis.  In most cases, sinus disease is easy to treat without resorting to surgery.  By stopping sinus disease early, you avoid later symptoms and complications.


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